Are you looking for ways to maximize the features of your event and how to minimize costs?   Welcome to Subotica!    
The moment you enter the city you will fall in love with the atmosphere. The magical buildings in the Art Nouveau style will create the fairy tale milieu for your events. Feel it. Positive emotions are inevitable. Enjoy. Free your mind and relax.
  We invite you to be one of the privileged few to organize an event in the place that is the home of many nations. It is the hotspot of Vojvodina's beauty!

2 days (1 overnight) Feel, sense, love

You have decided to take your colleagues for 2 days outside the office walls, maybe over a weekend. Subotica will be a true incentive award for them.

Upon arrival at one of the numerous hotels located in the city center and after a short welcome reception and introduction to Subotica, your team will have some time to settle in, but not too much as it is already time for some activities.

Meeting halls in the hotels are perfectly equipped to assist you with the presentation of the new system your team needs to apply, or board meeting you are holding. Take your time and make sure they learn.

For all of their hard work, you want to reward them. Just minutes from the city center, the official "no-ties" dinner will be organized on a typical farm house “salaš”. A traditional welcome with a shot of “rakija” starts off the best night out they will ever have. A combination of the unique ambience, cheerful atmosphere, live tambourine orchestra, best cuisine and a local charm will overwhelm you. You will have a good night sleep afterwards.

Good Good morning! How was your evening? Oh, you went to a local club for a night out after dinner. Nice choice. Now it is time to pack. The local tour guide will give you a tour of the city of magic.  Enjoy the architectural style and pieces of art.

You will love it. See you again.

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