Perfect for business events! Its proffesional yet vibrant. Great experience, tradition, and an up-to-date facilities combine to enable your event unfold in the best possible way.
The moment you enter the city you will fall in love with the atmosphere. The magical buildings in the Art Nouveau style will create the fairy tale milieu for your events. Feel it. Positive emotions are inevitable. Enjoy. Free your mind and relax.
Are you looking for ways to maximize the features of your event and how to minimize costs?   Welcome to Subotica!    

3 days (2 overnights) Eco-ethno-eno

To escape the city buzz, Palić Lake and the surroundings offer plenty of opportunities. Using villas for accommodations, your delegates will be nicely surprise.

Afternoon is reserved for relaxing activities. They will be introduced to numerous plants and animal species in the Zoo. And to surprise them, at one point during the visit, after the snakes and lizards exhibit, they will be in a meeting room. Run through your work session in the untypical venue. It is the perfect opportunity for a short presentation of your company's previous year results.

Time to hit the catwalk where black ties are a must. The Great Terrace is the venue for your Welcome sitting-dinner for up to 200 guests. The violin orchestra will add style to your Ball, and in combination with the preserved architectural style of the Terrace, delegates will feel classy.

Good morning. Your morning session continues in the Eco Center just next to the lake. It is followed by lunch organized in one of the most famous restaurants “Riblja Čarda”. The short walk around the lake after lunch will help with your digestion. Have a short break.

In teams of two and four on tandem bicycles, your team members will have to hunt for hidden treasures around the lake and in the forest. The first team who gathers all the treasures and reaches the finishing line is the best.

But everyone deserves a reward. This time we are going further into tradition with a delightful wine tasting during dinner. The “sands wine” have a great color and taste, and your hosts the "Wine Knights" will teach you how to pick the best one. Teams divided into several groups will visit different wineries, and will gather at Wine Castle for a final check out. The small competition consists of
guessing the type of wine and the year of production. This will be followed by perfectly tasteful dinner.

Have a good night sleep.

The morning is reserved for summing up the past days' events
while enjoying the calmness of the Lake.

Hit the road Jack!

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