We invite you to be one of the privileged few to organize an event in the place that is the home of many nations. It is the hotspot of Vojvodina's beauty!
Are you looking for ways to maximize the features of your event and how to minimize costs?   Welcome to Subotica!    
The moment you enter the city you will fall in love with the atmosphere. The magical buildings in the Art Nouveau style will create the fairy tale milieu for your events. Feel it. Positive emotions are inevitable. Enjoy. Free your mind and relax.

One with a nature

One with nature


Peace. Serenity. Mourning. Fresh air. The rising of the sun at the horizon. The birds song. Hot bread.

Test your skill and join the hunt. If you are lucky you might see the mouflon sheep or the fallow deer, both a concomitant species. Hares, pheasant and wild geese can be hunted. Learn about the wild life and how we can influence it. Do not forget to bring your camera, since the photo-safari is obligatory.

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Get hold of binoculars

The western coast of Lake Palic is at the disposal for passionate fisherman, likewise the shores of Omladinsko, Ludas and Tresetiste lakes. One or multi day fishing permits can be arranged.

T:+381 24 758 370


The western coast of Lake Palic is at the disposal for passionate fishermen, likewise the lakeshores of the lakes Omladinsko, Ludas and Tresetiste. One- or multi-day fishing permits can be arranged.
T: +381 64 136 27 98


Pristine life

Lake Ludas is a special nature reserve, recognized for its marvelous landscapes and preserved natural heritage and eco-systems. Selevenjska desert offers the experience of the sandy, salt-marsh meadows and steppe in one place. Nature reserve tours are lead by qualified guides, who will interpret the educational pathways in the listed areas. The minimum number for a group is 5, the maximum is 50 persons.

T:+381 24 758 370