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Enjoyment first

Vinum bonum laetificat cor hominis. Wine gladdens a man's heart someone said ages ago. In Subotica wine will be inevitable part of success story of your team, colleagues and delegates. And why is that. Let us reveal the  secret: you company is good company, it deserves therefore a good welcome, and in combination with good
wine we can help you make good people.

After the disappearance of the pre-historic Pannonian Sea the sandy soil has remained, hence the wines of the region are usually referred to as “sand wine”. Local wines are known for their pleasantly harmonised taste, soft aroma and drinkability. The traditionally cultivated sorts of wine are Kadarka and Kövidinka. Must try are Zupljanka, White Burgundy, Merlot, Frankovka and Cabernet.

If it happends that you plan your incentive trip or event starting September, we will be free to advice you think about having you team harvesting grape and produce their own wines. Trip to one of numerous vineyards will disclose you entire process from harvest grapes manually to the traditional stomp of grapes just next to the camp fire. After the excited day relax with the glass of the best Subotica wine.

For a nice off-site event our suggestion is to visit one of the local wineries and to learn from the locals about the wine and it’s the history, influence, witness of love and the happiness that it creates. Some wines witnesses a turbulent history of a family, they have used it to celebrate victories and have kept it hidden from enemies. If you want so, you can even meet the Wine Knights and to become one.


Where to enjoy?

“Vinski dvor” or the Wine Castle produces 10 sorts of wine with protected designation of origin. One of the first Wine Knights Order was initiated in this very cellar. Today capable to host up to 60 guests.

Address: Horgoš, Horgoški put 221 
Contact person: Eniko Budanović
T: +381 63 550 922

Near Palić Lake, rises the "Zvonko Bogdan Winery" dedicated to legendary Subotica`s singer Zvonko Bogdan. This center consists of a vineyard, a winery, a museum, and accommodations. Here you can enjoy in its natural setting, homemade cuisine, and of course superb wine tasting like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Blanc, Cuvee, and Merlot. Pure enjoyment for all your senses.

Address: Palić, Kanjiški put 47
Contnfoact person: Zlatko Zivanic 
T: + 381 24 622 358  

DiBonis Winery offers the opportunity of visiting the winery accompanied with wine and brandy tasting in the Shiraz Plus restaurant for up to 100 people. The unique wine treasury keeps the most precious bottles.

Address: Palić, Segedinski put bb
Contact person: Laslo Boni
T: + 381 24 546 067 E:

"The Šinka Wine Cellar" produces very special type of sand wines. Located just minutes from Subotica, its amenities can cater for up to 20 guests. This is a great option for a small gathering.

Address: Palić, Boška Buhe 9 
Contact person: Ferenc Šinka
T: + 381 24 754 979

"Wine House of Čuvardić" is an old farm house with a distinct yard that sets it apart from the neoghboring houses, hence the long list of old, autochthonous, and new sorts of wine. Capacity: 50 guests.

Address: Subotica, Edvarda Kardelja 139
Contact person: Petar Cuvardic
T: + 381 24 515 720