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An exceptional destination of Subotica, where cultures met during the centuries creating a blend of traditional and
modern flavours and traditions, is a city of charm and place where hedonism is a way of life. The recipes for preparing the most delicious food often combine salty and sweet taste in the same time and in right proportion, national dishes with modern influences, traditional preparations and fancy style.

For your perfect night out option and the opening ceremony a list of national cuisine served with typical local wines and the night amused with life performance of the traditional tambourine orchestra is a must choice. No matter whether you pop in a restaurant with local or international kitchen in the city centre, or a “czarda” on the outskirts of the city, or even at typical farm-restaurant, we believe, you will taste all the flavours of this region and be delighted by them.

Why don't you have your cooking competition? Who is the best in preparing a salad? Who will bake the bigger bread? To “sit and eat” is always an option, but let us suggest you to prepare a local dish by whole by yourself! Just pick one and the master chef will teach you how to do it in exactly the same way they do. Be a part of the whole process, from the chopping to the tasting of your favorite dish. Brag about it to your friends when you come home!