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Why Subotica?


Do you remember where your last three meetings were? Which destination? Why? Did you use ordinary venues?

And the moment you enter the city you will fall in love with the atmosphere. The magical buildings in the art nouveau style will create the fairy tale milieu for you events. Feel it. Positive emotions are inevitable. Enjoy. Free your mind and relax.


Are you tired from the big cites humdrum and rush hours? Do you have problems to keep all the delegates and employees together as a group?

Cute and convenient. The moment you enter the city you will not have to worry about the transportation and logistics. The size of the city perfectly fits your needs. All hotels and venues are located very close to each other, and offer all necessary infrastructures. The city spirit and magical touch, in combination with special experiences and opportunities along the wine routes, horse farms or nature based, will make them to “breed like one”


Are you looking for the ways how to maximize your event features and to minimize the costs on the other side? Are you always thinking that some of the service providers did not provide you for what you have paid for during the Gala opening?

From the hotels and meeting capacities, over the unusual venues and restaurants, to must see attraction and pre and post excursions, you will be provided with individual treatment and you needs and requirements will always be respected in total, having in the same time the savings in your meeting budget.

Great deals. Experience of one of the most prestigious tourism destinations in Serbia. The least expensive meeting and incentive package in the region. Perfect value for the money.



Do you have difficulty finding destination to ge to ?

Fusion of influences and cultures have created the prefect atmosphere for international and regional gatherings and meetings.

Standing out with an extraordinary location, right at the junction of major roads over the centuries, various nations have chosen Subotica.

Being major focal point of the Panonian plain, it will be a perfect spot for your event.


Do you want to get free? To feel your senses? Breed a fresh air? Eat organic food? Dring home made wine?

The pristine nature of Subotica and surroundings are the reason why apples her actually have taste. You can pick them straight from the tree. Join the grape harvesting. Make your own wine. Enjoy.