Perfect for business events! Its proffesional yet vibrant. Great experience, tradition, and an up-to-date facilities combine to enable your event unfold in the best possible way.
The moment you enter the city you will fall in love with the atmosphere. The magical buildings in the Art Nouveau style will create the fairy tale milieu for your events. Feel it. Positive emotions are inevitable. Enjoy. Free your mind and relax.
  We invite you to be one of the privileged few to organize an event in the place that is the home of many nations. It is the hotspot of Vojvodina's beauty!

How to get to Subotica

Subotica is located in the north of Serbia approximately 180 km from Belgrade, near the border with Hungary. It is 200 km from Budapest (Hungary) and 240 km from Timisoara (Romania). Ideally located at the crossroads of nations and countries, it represents the meeting point of people now and centuries ago. Perfectly located, delegates on the various national, central European, and regional meetings tours will have no issues traveling to Subotica.
By Air

Subotica's city center and major hotels and meeting properties are located approximately 2.5h drive via highway
from Belgrade International Airport, and approximately the same distance from Budapest International Airport
and Timisoara Airport. For small and privately owned airplanes, as well as charter flights, Szeged Airport in Hungary may be used, then add a 25-minute bus ride to Subotica.

By Train

Subotica is connected to the rest of Europe by extensive railway network. Every day international train arrivals
and departures guarantee timely service.


By Car

Subotica is easily reached by car or bus from Belgrade or Budapest since international highway E-75 provides
excellent access to the city. R e g u l a r b u s c o a c h e s p r o v i d e connections to all of Serbia and most of
the neighboring European countries.






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